Madden 13 Play: Gun Trips TE – PA Slot Corner

Madden NFL can be one of the most frustrating games to play online if you don’t know what you are doing, but it can also be the most rewarding with the proper amount of pre-game preparation. To be a good Madden 13 player, you need to understand how to properly digest the passing progressions of every play you call, and in particular, the ever-useful PA Slot Corner play from the Gun Trips TE formation.

Play Advantages: The PA in PA Slot Corner stands for Play Action, and while past versions of Madden may scare you away from these sort of plays, they can be brutally effective in Madden 13. This play is great because it lines up three receivers on one side of the field, and then fakes the handoff to the running back, which can really put stress on a defender’s mind. As an added bonus, the routes on this play are superb, as all three (or even four) options hit premier areas of the field. pussy888

Play Disadvantages: As with any Play Action play, this play is highly susceptible to being shut down by a good blitz. In fact, this play may be even more dangerous to run in the face of a rush because it has four receiving options on the field, which means even less blockers than normal to keep defenders off of your quarterback. Always be aware of a potential blitz when calling this play, and cancel the PA part of it whenever you sense a rush coming.

Read #1: Your first read on this play should always be your “A” tight end on the corner route. It’s important that you make this your first read because it will allow you to more easily digest the progressions, as you will be reading from right to left. It’s also very beneficial to read this option first, because with enough practice you can tell pretty early on in the route whether or not it will be open, which will allow you to move to your next read all that much quicker.

Read #2: For your second pass progression, keep your eye on your “Y” receiver heading down the middle of the field. It should be very easy for you to move your attention from your first read to this one, because they are both effectively the same route, but on different positions of the field. This route attacks the deep middle of the defense, and is great for finding the weakness between two high safeties, or for fitting passes over linebackers floating into deeper zones.

Read #3: Your third and final read will be your “X” receiver crossing over the shallow middle of the field. This route plays an important role on this play because even if you don’t get to it on your pass progressions, it still draws defenders away from your deeper second passing read. This route is fantastic at getting separation from defenders in man coverage if your player has the speed advantage, and can be equally as effective in finding the holes in a zone defense, as it crosses the entirety of the field in a matter of seconds.